still life watercolors

Watercolor, 5x7 inches on paper

Dress Form
Watercolor, 5x9 inches on paper

Watercolor, 5x7 inches on paper

Alarm Clock
Watercolor, 9x5 inches on paper


gradual motion

The Gradual Motion series touches not only on the literacies of
color theory but also the movement of color. The tiles help us to experience the relation between each color. How and why does one color move to the next? The tone, hue and saturation of each tile are important and intentional. Here you will see darker areas surrounded by lighter areas. The colors are harmonious and help the viewer's eye move with ease throughout the composition.

Watercolors, 6x9 inches on paper.

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after the dance




After the Dance is a series of studies of the female legs. These quick watercolor sketches came from a recent inspiration. I come up with visions that must be captured on paper or canvas. Lately, I have been interested in pursuing more of an illustrative approach to my compositions.

At my old dance studio, there was a cluster of pictures and drawings of dance-related things on the wall. There was a certain drawing that always caught my attention before I began my sache across the floor. It was the beautiful head of a woman attached to her perched arm, as if it were the foot of a crow. It always gave me a strange and uncomfortable feeling, but I could never stop looking at it.

That is what I love about art. However a piece strikes you, whether in amazement, inquisition or disgust, there is always a reason we are attracted to it. We may not know how or why, but the intent of the artist is to create emotion and wonder for the viewer.

Above, in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, I chose to crop out the rest of the body to invoke weight and position to the ground. The body is resting amongst, perhaps a fine evening gown, a costume or linens. A feminine, carefree and airy quality is portrayed through the chosen color and skillful brushstrokes.

Watercolor and pencil, 6x9 inches on paper.

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West . 53

West : Winter