straight to the decorating

Graham Cracker houses for some holiday spirit!

A more traditional house...

A more modern structure...

To attach the graham crackers , I melted 2 cups of sugar, which was more than enough for these two little houses. It cools and hardens very quickly, so work fast! The sugar then practically becomes cement and holds the house together with no worries.

There are so many fun, edible decorations you can find
at your local grocery store...go out and be creative!

Happy Holidays!


'my heart beats art' Etsy shop!

It is finally here!
my heart beats art has an Etsy shop!

Some of the items you'll find on the blog will be sold on Etsy. Exciting, right?

Here is the handy link:


Feedback is most appreciated!
New listings will appear periodically, so keep visiting!



west . 42

West : Fall


acacias in rome

Newest addition to works being shown at Broadway Cellars

Oil on canvas, 5x3 (feet)


paper, wood...same thing

faux birch bark wreath
inspired by a real birch bark wreath!

All you need is heavier stock white (or cream) paper, brown marker,
flame for burnt edges, Styrofoam ring and white glue.
(Ribbon for added "homey" flare to hang).


maxine's bag

To go with my 'Max' costume, I whipped up a small bag
to carry my things in.


no pattern needed

Where the Wild Things Are
'Max' costume

polar fleece, faux fur, wooden buttons, and silver snaps.

crown: cardboard and gold leaf spray paint.

Also, featured in BuzzFeed.com:


organic variations

I couldn't choose just one.
Here, the same photograph is manipulated in variations of color, brightness, detail and depth.
Each composition possesses its own unique sense of energy.


still life

Bubble Tape
Oil on Canvas 24x20 inches

Orange Peels
Oil on Canvas 24x20 inches


from far and above

Recent works by Jennifer Bozek

August 25 - November 30, 2009

Opening reception: August 25, 2009 from 6-9pm

Broadway Cellars
5900 North Broadway
Chicago, IL 60660

For more from the artist, visit: www.jmcbdesigns.com

Hope to see you there!


still after the storm

A captivating scene found in the simplest of settings.


west . 29

West : Summer


shnazzy apparel

Had some fun making a pair of shorts for an upcoming costume party.

Could be worn on an everyday basis for some.

But for me, I will just stick with the costume party.

I used pink metallic woven fabric, which has been laying around for years from when I was a mermaid once for halloween, neon green cotton bias, which came from an old Roxy t-shirt (I know, you don't need to say it, I am just as shocked as you), marigold stitching, and elastic waist band.

Inspiration: singer/songwriter, M.I.A.  
(she has a shnazzy sense of style).


breathe poster

Poster I created for the Dominican University dance show.

I also choreographed one of the numbers.  If you are interested in attending, please click the image for further details 


west . 14

An on-going series, in which I document the evening sky. The views from my skylight become tranquil scenes of painterly sunsets. This post includes photographs taken within the 14th week of the year.


my works featured in People Stylewatch

While interning at Nate Berkus Entertainment, I helped design some fashions for the home. My sketches were used directly and also inspired the finished products. The images below are pillows from the Nate Berkus line, which will be available on the Home Shopping Network and are featured in the new issue of People Stylewatch.

These designs are inspired by research done on the meaningful symbols of tribal culture.



Oil on canvas. 12" x 12".