shnazzy apparel

Had some fun making a pair of shorts for an upcoming costume party.

Could be worn on an everyday basis for some.

But for me, I will just stick with the costume party.

I used pink metallic woven fabric, which has been laying around for years from when I was a mermaid once for halloween, neon green cotton bias, which came from an old Roxy t-shirt (I know, you don't need to say it, I am just as shocked as you), marigold stitching, and elastic waist band.

Inspiration: singer/songwriter, M.I.A.  
(she has a shnazzy sense of style).


breathe poster

Poster I created for the Dominican University dance show.

I also choreographed one of the numbers.  If you are interested in attending, please click the image for further details 


west . 14

An on-going series, in which I document the evening sky. The views from my skylight become tranquil scenes of painterly sunsets. This post includes photographs taken within the 14th week of the year.